The Poker Faces Club
The Poker Faces is a blockchain-based project that aims to bring the best online poker experience to the Metaverse πŸ‚‘ enjoy parties, have fun in the arcade room and visit the merchandising store! Own a share of the casino * 80% of all profits will be distributed to the genesis holders through our Monthly Jackpot ! * This includes profits from trading royalties, web3 poker platform & casino operations VIP pass to the Club * Discuss with professional poker players * Get invited to IRL & metaverse poker tournaments and cash games * Exclusive merchandizing access Enter the metaverse * Get access to a new kind of meta-casino with exclusive services * Discover exciting games, arcade room and merchandizing store * Get your 3D NFT with special metaverse utilities ! Supply: 4444 Blockchain: Ethereum Public Mint date: Mar 27The Poker Faces ClubPrice: 0.12 ETH Discover all about it πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³