Rock Cycle
Rock CycleSolana PROJect details:Price: 0.5SOLCollection Count: 6999ItemsTraits Count: 48Category:CollectibleChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.8 KDiscord:1.1 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Rock Cycle is an artwork based on solana blockchain and $RCL is the native token which will be airdrop to NFT holder. Global warming is one of the major concern of our world and we our working to resolve this by promoting [...]
Crypto Tradiez
Crypto TradiezSolana PROJect details:Price: 0.3SOLCollection Count: 500ItemsTraits Count: 176Category:GamingChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:2.9 KDiscord:3.6 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:A collection of digital tradespeople sprouting out of Australia with an aussie based team, laying the foundations of the solana metaverse with a multiplayer DApp and rewarding virtual real-estate. MINT DATE:February 5, 2022
DinolanaSolana PROJect details:Price: 0.3SOLCollection Count: 1881ItemsTraits Count: 46Category:DAOChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:1.4 KDiscord:0.3 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Dinolana is the cross play utility NFT game machine in Solana. Each dino NFT and gameplay funds Dinolana Charity - Donate Toys to Hospitals and Orphanage MINT DATE:February 4, 2022
Yaksa – The Enormous
Yaksa - The EnormousSolana PROJect details:Price: 0.55SOLCollection Count: 2222ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:MetaverseChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:2.4 KDiscord:0.7 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:2,222 generative NFTs and the second collection of The Yaksa. We aim to develop utilities for Solana. MINT DATE:February 4, 2022
Dragonz Born
Dragonz BornSolana PROJect details:Price: 1SOLCollection Count: 2222ItemsTraits Count: 130Category:CollectibleChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:7 KDiscord:5.3 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Dragonz Born is an NFT project designed to greatly reward all loyal holders of the Dragonz along with being significantly engaged with contributions towards local and international charities. All holders of the Dragonz Born NFT will have access to a private DAO [...]
Metagalaxy Beta Pass
Metagalaxy Beta PassSolana PROJect details:Price: 0.6SOLCollection Count: 1000ItemsTraits Count: 14Category:CollectibleChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.5 KDiscord:1.1 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Beta pass is only for you the true Heroes and super early supporters as once they are sold out you will miss the opportunity to be among the first brave settlers who will inhabit and explore the Metagalaxy exoplanet - Proxima [...]