Casino Monkey Gold
Casino Monkey GoldSolana PROJect details:Price: 0.99SOLPrice: FREE MINTPrice: TBACollection Count: 2000ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:GamingChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:7.1 KDiscord:4.1 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Casino Monkey Gold offers valuable utility for our NFT holders by earning passive income which will grow and compound over the long term! 80% of all commissions received will go back into our community wallet for distribution to NFT [...]
SolpacasSolana PROJect details:Price: 0.65SOLCollection Count: 5000ItemsTraits Count: n/a Category:GamingChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:8.6 KDiscord:7.9 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:5,000 Solpacas roaming Solana in search of new owners. Solpacas is a NFT-powered 3D battle royale game built on the Solana blockchain, each NFT will transform into your 3D character in the game. MINT DATE:February 17, 2022
Happy Bunnies
Happy BunniesSolana PROJect details:Price: 1SOLCollection Count: 1500ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:GamingChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:2 KDiscord:2.8 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Happy Bunnies are 1500 non-fungible tokens on the Solana Blockchain. Each Happy Bunny is generated with a unique set of traits with varying rarities, making each bunny exclusive. Your unique Happy Bunny will double as your ticket into the Bunnyverse. Long-term plans [...]
FradasteinsCardano PROJect details:Price: 29ADACollection Count: 4244ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:CollectibleChain:Cardano PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.06 KDiscord:0.2 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:A Cardano Staking Project working on making passive income staking NFTs with a end goal to create a Multi Universal NFT Staking Platform. MINT DATE:February 17, 2022
Pixel Baby Yoda
Pixel Baby YodaSolana PROJect details:Price: 1SOLCollection Count: ItemsTraits Count: 150Category:GamingChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:7.6 KDiscord:1.1 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Uniquely made, cute and collectible pixel art Baby Yodas with proof of ownership exclusively stored on the Solana Blockchain. NFT staking & PLAY TO EARN lightsaber battle game coming for Phase 2. MINT DATE:February 11, 2022
AppleHeadsEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.05ETHCollection Count: ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:CollectibleChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:2.3 KDiscord:3.42 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:10,000 randomly generated AppleHeads on the Ethereum blockchain. There is an orchard, on the edge of space, a metaverse oasis, like no other place! A field of apples, can you see them glinting? Take a closer look they're ripe for the minting! All [...]
Gwei Gators
Gwei GatorsEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.02ETHCollection Count: 6969ItemsTraits Count: 250Category:GamingChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.8 KDiscord:0.3 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Gwei Gators created by the Gwei Group are inspired by the Cryptopunks and our favorite reptile. 6,969 total Gwei Gators will ever exist. Minted for 0.02 ETH on the blockchain for everyone to enjoy. Owning a Gwei Gator doubles as a ticket [...]
Baby Azuki Social Club
Baby Azuki Social ClubAvalanche PROJect details:Price: 1AVAXCollection Count: 10000ItemsTraits Count: 300Category:GamingChain:Avalanche PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.3 KDiscord:0.2 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Baby Azuki Social club is a manga collection of 10000 nft of young azuki with play to earn game and many surprises. Imagine that the bean opens and reveals a baby Azuki with its qualities and particularities that make it [...]
PiRats of the Metaverse
PiRats of the MetaverseEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.042ETHCollection Count: 20000ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:GamingChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:4.2 KDiscord:1.3 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:PiRats of the Metaverse is an NFT RPG made up of thousands of Captains and their Crew that have set sail on a voyage across the Metaverse. A treasure of $BOOTY awaits, but danger and rough seas lie ahead. All [...]
Future Turtles NFT
Future Turtles NFTEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.08ETHCollection Count: 5000ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:GamingChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:9.4 KDiscord:17.4 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:This NFT is one of the hottest upcoming projects in the crypto market. Future Turtles is a digital full-body art collection of 5'000 NFTs. Each NFT is unique. It’s the year 2055 and cryptocurrencies have overtaken the whole financial system. Because [...]