Future Turtles NFT
Future Turtles NFTEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.08ETHCollection Count: 5000ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:GamingChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:9.4 KDiscord:17.4 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:This NFT is one of the hottest upcoming projects in the crypto market. Future Turtles is a digital full-body art collection of 5'000 NFTs. Each NFT is unique. It’s the year 2055 and cryptocurrencies have overtaken the whole financial system. Because [...]
Once it was free.
Once it was free.Ethereum PROJect details:Price: 0ETHCollection Count: 15000ItemsTraits Count: 1Category:PhotographyChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.001 KDiscord:0.02 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:"Once it was free." is an NFT collection of 15'000 ERC-721 on the Ethereum Blockchain. Splitted in three drops, is a journey through the meaning of our language, of our way of identifying ideas, experiences and sensations, through words and [...]
Wicked Gorilla Warriors
Wicked Gorilla WarriorsEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.03ETHCollection Count: 1337ItemsTraits Count: 160Category:CollectibleChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.5 KDiscord:0.03 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:WGW is a NFT collection of 1337 Wicked Gorilla Warriors who are committed protectors of the Ethereum blockchain! The first 500 NFTs can be minted for free, the rest is 0.03 ETH each! MINT DATE:February 4, 2022
The MetaMoais
The MetaMoaisEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.025ETHCollection Count: 10000ItemsTraits Count: 160Category:ArtworkChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.9 KDiscord:1 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Reality took a different turn and these unique looking Moai-Statues are now living in the Metaverse. The MetaMoais are 10.000 unique and randomly generated 69x69 artworks made out of over 150 different attributes and traits. Each Moai has its own style, look [...]
EnclockEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.04ETHCollection Count: 6400ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:CollectibleChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.3 KDiscord:Website:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Timekeeping NFTs with timezones and seconds-level precision. Users have total and complete ownership of rights for their purchased assets MINT DATE:February 4, 2022
MetaSphereEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.1ETHCollection Count: 6666ItemsTraits Count: 230Category:DAOChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:8.2 KDiscord:16 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:A unique 3D NFT collection of 6,666 cyborgs, categorized by rarity level and generated with hundreds of elements. Each cyborg gives access to our P2E game, MetasphereDAO and Sandbox Metaverse. MINT DATE:February 4, 2022
Calcium4BonesEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.055ETHCollection Count: 11155ItemsTraits Count: 260Category:CollectibleChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:10.7 KDiscord:10.6 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:11.155 unique badass bones living in the Ethereum Blockchain compose the Calcium4Bones NFT Collection. Over 260 different hand-drawn traits are responsible for one of the most varied and cool collections in the blockchain. Each Bone will have its unique rarity distributed among 6 [...]
Pups in Society
Pups in SocietyEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.1ETHCollection Count: 10000ItemsTraits Count: 100Category:CollectibleChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:16.2 KDiscord:33.4 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Pups in Society is a 10,000 NFTs collection in the Ethereum blockchain! Utilities will be voted and chosen by our exclusive Pup owners! There will be an initial 150 Ethereum in the Pups Society Reserve after the 10,000 NFT public sale [...]