Squirreling Squirrels
Squirreling Squirrels "SS" is an NFT collection of 6,600 fully hand-drawn squirrels. Two species of squirrels: 1,600 ice age squirrels and 5,000 current age squirrels; All squirreling on the Ethereum Blockchain. Rarity can be found in 200 plus hand-drawn traits, one of a kind squirrels (characters based from our storyline. It has been a few years after the last ice age, and the squirrels are currently living in joy and peace in their new homeland. They are fun, active, curious, and sometimes weird; THEY ARE NUT BEYOND NUTS! March 19th at 12:00pm is the minting 4. Price of NFT: Presale price: 0.04ETH Public sale price: 0.055ETHSquirreling Squirrels 5. A marketplace URL where your NFT drops 6. The link to your release. 7. Total supply: 6600 NFTs 8. Contact mail [email protected]