Mob Squad
Mob Squad Details about the creator > It all began when João started to be interested in NFTs and got scammed… so many times! After brainstorming, he thought that being an artist for 8 years now, qualifies him to build his own collection, an honest and creative artwork, patiently handmade. > > After that, he reached out for his own team, co-workers who share a Tattoo Studio with him in Lisbon: Anna and Ruben. Yes, they are all tattoo artists! Anna is a natural administrator and just great with words and people! Ruben is a business man, that invests and creates with all his heart. With a part of the team chosen, he went out looking for the next and last official member of the squad. That’s when he found Guillermo, a business developer in NFT who is enthusiastic about the MOBs, a truly believer. > > Motivated by the quality of the artwork and with thirst for knowledge and growth, we are a team that lives for art. Our intention is to build a squad of conscious and good traders. The main thought of this project is that it’s built by and for real people, who are looking forward to evolve in the NFT world. 🚀 @everyone Description 1001 Mob$ living in solana blockchain Holder get free air drop 3D version The key visual of your drop There is now only 10 days left till our MINT DAY!! That being said, we would like to fill you in our purpose so that everything is clear as water 💦 Mob Squad's purpose as a project is to build a strong network & community of creatives in the tattoo industry - starting in Europe. Through this community, the goal of our roadmap is to build the Mob Squad brand through the opening of tattoo studios in major European capitals/cities like Lisbon, Madrid, Zurich and beyond. Mob Squad NFT holders will not only be supporting our roadmap, but will receive a wide variety of benefits for holding the NFT, including access to private events & parties throughout Europe, tattoo discounts, and later will receive a portion of profits from the success of our tattoo studios. One of our biggest aims is to connect the physical world with the digital world, through these NFTs and the Metaverse. This strong network that we are building will feed the community's wallet with at least 10% of our annual profit that will come from our tattoo studios and events (ticket sales, bar, etc). We are a team that doesn't believe in rushing things - instead we believe that the best things come with time and we are planning to take the profits from our first Mob Squad NFT launch to invest in our roadmap and the community as a whole, so that it grows more and more and gives our holders a bigger passive income and unique experiences IRL. That being said, Mob Squad is a serious business that goes further the great artwork we have, we are looking forward on building a strong brand with worldwide presence and recognition, and we hope you will join us along the way! Date and time of your drop 10th April 16:00 PM GMT WHitelist 21:00 Public GMT A marketplace where your NFT drops Solsea Magic Eden The link to your release Www.Mobsnft.Io