Envoverse Envoverse is created by Envolabs, a prestigious tech company from Germany. They created the first 3D metaverse- ready NFTs. The project is a full DAO where the funds will go to fight climate change. The avatars are 3D characters which you can beam through the camera of your phone and make them walk in your own living room - REALLY COOL. The project is supported by Greenpeace, WWF and more. Short Description: It is art with a purpose. The ENVOs are among the first NFTs for digital worlds and are fully rigged for 3D usage. They can appear in movies, online games or just be used for profile images in social media. As an owner of an ENVO, you demonstrate your engagement for a better climate AND good taste in art. We made that art massively interactive - carrying value, purpose and a golden earring! Endorsed by global partners, the unvealing phase will give you countless utilites and a solid future of your Envo: • Fully rigged 3D avatar to walk and talk in the Metaverse (like Decentraland, TheSandbox, Horizon, etc.) • Profile image collection to use in social media (like Twitter Blue) • Voting rights on the green fund DAO: Yes, that is right - you define, where 80%+ of the money goes! • A 5 year plan to fundamentally improve the climate (with partners like Plant-for-the-, WWF or Greenpeace). • Fully doxxed team with a global reach! Price of NFT: Price: 0.2 VIP pre-sale Minting date is set for March 5th 2022 The key visual of your drop: All 3D, fully animated with actual use case in the metaverse Date and time of your drop starts and end. Minting date is set for March 5th 2022. Join our discord channel or sign up to our newsletter to get an update before the sales start. A marketplace URL where your NFT drops The link to your release. Total supply: 10.000 NFTs contact mail: [email protected]   Discord: Twitter: