CryptoChronic CryptoChronic is an immersive and engaging, multi-platform videogame and surrounding metaverse that seek to leverage a cannabis theme and a “Free-to-Play & Play-to-Earn” model in order to convert traditional gamers latent in their adoption of crypto into active crypto gamers. The world of CryptoChronic exists within the Cannaverse, a meta utopia populated by “Chronics,” digital pet strains of marijuana who have mutated to become humanity’s bestт friends. These NFT characters comprise a player-owned economy of collectible digital assets within which players realize value appreciation via levelling up their collections through an expanding suite of mini-games and rewards loops and buying, selling, and actively trading their assets in a fully decentralized in-game marketplace or through third-party public markets. CryptoChronic reinvents Pokémon and Tamagotchi for a new market demographic with uniquely customizable, blockchain-based, cannabis-themed digital pets, complete with their own unique aesthetics and personalities. Players’ daily gameplay and interactions with their pets through trading and collecting, breeding, raising, caring for, and battling in “Smoke-Offs” against bots and other player-owned characters as well as taking part in an ever-expanding world of mini-games and side-quests allows them to augment their collections and associated value by attaining status and top rankings, accumulating experience points, and obtaining valuable rewards and bonus items. The entirety of the world is a playerowned ecosystem in which characters can be generated, earned, developed, traded, sold and advanced through competitive gameplay allowing for near infinite variations in Chronics attributes, stats, and characteristics and therefore near infinite employable winning player strategies and inexhaustible variations in gaming experiences accompanied by high margin return for skilled players. Sale date: 10 May. Collection Size/Pieces: 5040 Mint price: 0.06 ETH Website: Twitter: Discord: