The Poker Faces Club
The Poker Faces is a blockchain-based project that aims to
SILVERBACK LEGENDS (SBL) is the newest project of the team,
Envoverse, the first 3D metaverse- ready NFTs.
Details about the creator: Envoverse is created by Envolabs, a
Piggy Banx
Piggy BanxEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.022ETHPrice: FREE MINTPrice: TBACollection Count: 2222ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:DAOChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:5.8 KDiscord:3.7 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:LinkMarketplace:Link description:GO PIG OR GO HOME. Creatives, artists, digital hustlers: This one's for you. PiggyBanx is a collection of 2,222 unique and collectable money-hungry misfits on a mission to earn their big break in the new world by leveraging today's tech [...]
Meta Kong Society
Meta Kong SocietyEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.2ETHPrice: FREE MINTPrice: TBACollection Count: 8555ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:CollectibleChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:38.4 KDiscord:268.8 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Kongs are the closest relatives of humans; we share 98% of our DNA. They are known for the size of their families but especially for the synergy existing between them. ‍To survive, they are co-dependent; they know that the [...]
Solana Room
Solana RoomSolana PROJect details:Price: 1.5SOLPrice: FREE MINTPrice: TBACollection Count: 3333ItemsTraits Count: 353Category:CollectibleChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.4 KDiscord:0.3 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Solana Room is the first-ever NFT collectible that earns you recurring income by simply holding it! Proceeds from the mint are used to allocate in quantitative algorithms trading, arbitraging, market making, and a wide range of other crypto investments. Profits [...]
ToxicaCardano PROJect details:Price: 25ADAPrice: FREE MINTPrice: TBACollection Count: 1000ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:Unique ArtChain:Cardano PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.1 KDiscord:0.1 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Toxica is the first full length feature film exclusively in the Cardano platform as a NFT. It's 100% done, but before that we'll have few more surprises for you. The Augusta set is a collection of 2,500 that will be [...]
Mask Cult
Mask CultEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.06ETHPrice: FREE MINTPrice: TBACollection Count: 3333ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:CollectibleChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:16.9 KDiscord:27.5 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Mask Cult is a collection of 3333 Masked people founded by a doxxed team of experienced financiers and investors. The aim of the collection is to be an income-generative Community Fund to NFT holders. MINT DATE:February 21, 2022
PerlinWayEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.05ETHPrice: FREE MINTPrice: TBACollection Count: 10000ItemsTraits Count: 200Category:CollectibleChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.1 KDiscord:0.03 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Perlinway is a blockchain powered, survival game based in a mysterious universe. Inspired by classics like Minecraft, Perlinway provides a revolutionary gaming experience through immersive fantasy worlds, one-of-a-kind NFT avatars and unconventional equiptables and skills. Users must uncover secrets, survive and [...]
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