Mask Cult
Mask CultEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.06ETHPrice: FREE MINTPrice: TBACollection Count: 3333ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:CollectibleChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:16.9 KDiscord:27.5 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Mask Cult is a collection of 3333 Masked people founded by a doxxed team of experienced financiers and investors. The aim of the collection is to be an income-generative Community Fund to NFT holders. MINT DATE:February 21, 2022
PerlinWayEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.05ETHPrice: FREE MINTPrice: TBACollection Count: 10000ItemsTraits Count: 200Category:CollectibleChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.1 KDiscord:0.03 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Perlinway is a blockchain powered, survival game based in a mysterious universe. Inspired by classics like Minecraft, Perlinway provides a revolutionary gaming experience through immersive fantasy worlds, one-of-a-kind NFT avatars and unconventional equiptables and skills. Users must uncover secrets, survive and [...]
Casino Monkey Gold
Casino Monkey GoldSolana PROJect details:Price: 0.99SOLPrice: FREE MINTPrice: TBACollection Count: 2000ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:GamingChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:7.1 KDiscord:4.1 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Casino Monkey Gold offers valuable utility for our NFT holders by earning passive income which will grow and compound over the long term! 80% of all commissions received will go back into our community wallet for distribution to NFT [...]
CryptoWhales NFT
CryptoWhales NFTEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.07ETHPrice: FREE MINTPrice: TBACollection Count: 8888ItemsTraits Count: 175Category:CollectibleChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.9 KDiscord:1.2 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:LinkMarketplace:Link description:CryptoWhales is a collection of 8,888 NFTs swimming on the ETH blockchain. CryptoWhales is the first-ever project to directly reward its holders as the price of ETH rises. Because we are so bullish on NFT’s and Ethereum, holders of CryptoWhales [...]
The Monkey Design Club
The Monkey Design Club description: The Monkey Design Club has started its journey with an NFT collection. Our next big project is building our metaverse, The Monkey Design Planet or a.k.a. TMD-Planet. We want a perfect ecosystem such as the connection between members, everyday events, and where members can make profits and assets of their [...]
SolFriendsSolana PROJect details:Price: 0.9SOLCollection Count: 5151ItemsTraits Count: 58Category:MetaverseChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.6 KDiscord:1.4 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Jump in the first SolFriends collection! 5,151 exclusive NFT SolPitbulls ready to make their Saviours💰EARN & HELP♥️other real fellas. 30% is donated to charities all around the world to help save animal lives! MINT DATE:February 17, 2022
Well You
Well YouEthereum PROJect details:Price: 0.07ETHCollection Count: 10000ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:MetaverseChain:Ethereum PROJect LINKS:Twitter:2.3 KDiscord:0.7 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:wellyouNFT’s Courageous Children are the foundation for the Happy Nation. This collection represents unique NFTs of children engaging in their favorite trendy activities, dressed up in cool costumes, future dream professionals, and role models. The Happy Nation is a place where you [...]
MetaSneakersClubPolygon PROJect details:Price: 125MATICCollection Count: 10000ItemsTraits Count: 3Category:CollectibleChain:Polygon PROJect LINKS:Twitter:0.03 KDiscord:1 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Accessible, Unique Sneakers- A project made for every sneaker lover, created from our memory of being poor in past and the fact that we couldn't a nice pair of sneakers. MINT DATE:February 17, 2022
Raja Ravi Varma
Raja Ravi VarmaPolygon PROJect details:Price: MATICCollection Count: 53ItemsTraits Count: n/aCategory:ArtworkChain:Polygon PROJect LINKS:Twitter:1.6 KDiscord:0.05 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:Coming Soon: First & exclusive NFT Drop of works of ‘The Father of Modern Indian Art’ - the legendary Raja Ravi Varma. Join the waitlist for a chance to win his original Saraswati lithograph & follow RtistiQ on discord for an [...]
SolpacasSolana PROJect details:Price: 0.65SOLCollection Count: 5000ItemsTraits Count: n/a Category:GamingChain:Solana PROJect LINKS:Twitter:8.6 KDiscord:7.9 KWebsite:LinkMarketplace:Link description:5,000 Solpacas roaming Solana in search of new owners. Solpacas is a NFT-powered 3D battle royale game built on the Solana blockchain, each NFT will transform into your 3D character in the game. MINT DATE:February 17, 2022
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