RockGod NFT OG Sale
RockGod NFT OG SaleRockGods … eternal beings made of light and sound, watching over the world of Rock & Roll … Imbued with immense power, these Gods and Goddesses are the voices resonating in your favorite artist’s head while they scribe the lyrics to their next hit song. And as the guardians of rhythm and [...]
NermiNation NFT Drop
NermiNation NFT Drop The Roadmap (V1). Giveaways at each 5% reached in the roadmap! 10% – Staking 1 ethereum & 5 Nermis will be given away at 20% funded. You’ll be able to access a portal on our website, where you can stake your Nermi’s to generate $NRME tokens, that will be used in the [...]
High Smugglers Club Drop
High Smugglers Club Drop January 30, 2022 Company: High Smugglers Club Drop Ethereum Source Link Share Twitter WhatsApp Reddit Email Facebook LinkedIn A cannabis NFT project, Building a sandbox dispensary, ERC20 token, P2E game and staking platform. All coming together in a world’s first SMUGG city shop where you can buy other NFT’s for free. [...]
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